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Paeonia suffruticosa ‘Hanakisoi’ Tree Peony

A beautiful, ruffly pink beauty, has been born.

tree peony Hanakisoi 1x1

Paeonia ‘Hanakisoi’ features enormous apricot-pink semi double blooms in late spring. The beautiful flowers are fragrant and elegantly ruffled. ‘Hanakisoi‘ is wonderful as a cut flower! Tree Peonies differ from garden peonies in that they have a woody stem like a shrub. The woody branches do not die back to the ground in the winter and should not be trimmed back.


Does this sound familiar to you? There are a few factors that may come into play with this statement that I will try and help you with. The first is, most people underwater their hanging baskets and planters. When you water your baskets/planters you need to make sure that you see a constant drip of water coming from the bottom of the pot. If you do not see the water flowing through that means that the water has not soaked all the way down to the bottom of your soil. If you soil does not get completely wet this will lead to the plant drying out faster. Another factor is wind and heat. When your planters are exposed to a windy location this will tend to dry them out faster. Also the heat from the hot sun will deplete the water much faster. And lastly there are some plants that are just plain thirsty! If you have Bacopa or Lobularia for example you will want to keep your baskets well hydrated for to keep them looking good.

The i3 planter can help you keep your baskets irrigated all summer long for great looking baskets. And as an added bonus they also have lights to keep your beautiful plants light up at night to show off to all your neighbors.


Catalina® Gilded Grape Torenia

I am so excited to find a place for this new Proven Winners variety in my combination planter. There are not many yellow varieties that grow well in shade to part shade locations. I can see mixing this with the purple Torenia varieties along with pink or red impatiens.

torenia Catalina® Gilded Grape 1x1Catalina® Gilded Grape Torenia starts blooming early and blooms through the Fall. Catalina® Gilded Grape is a deep yellow color with dark purple throated blooms. The unique trailing/mounding habit makes this a great choice for both hanging baskets and planters. Torenia is another choice for part shade locations.


Clematis ‘Malaya Garnet’

clematis mayla garnet 1x1

Clematis ‘Malaya Garnet’ is pretty in pink and a real show stopper! This clematis has large 4-6″ flowers with pale pink petals that add a pop of color with a contrasting crimson central bar. ‘Malaya Garnet’ blooms first in May – June and then again from September – October making it a double delight to have in your garden!

Clematis ‘Malaya Garnet’ is part of Prune Group 2 which means – Prune lightly above the new leaf buds in early spring and remove any dead or weak stems. Early flowers appear on the previous season’s growth while late summer flowers appear on new growth.


Dicentra spectabilis ‘Gold Heart’

Dicentra spectabilis 'Gold Heart' 1x1Spring color is such a welcome site! For those of you who have shade and dark places in your garden you may consider Dicentra  ‘Gold Heart’ to brighten up your day. Dicentra ‘Gold Heart’ is a  stunning gold-leaved form of the old-time favorite common bleeding heart! Arching peach-colored stems carry chains of deep pink heart-shaped flowers above the dramatic metallic gold leaves. The fern-like foliage appears early in the spring and provides a colorful point of interest in the shade garden. Like other Dicentra spectabilis, ‘Gold Heart‘ will go dormant during the heat of the summer. We recommend planting near hostas or ferns that will fill in the area after the Dicentra foliage dies back.